Fruits of labor.

By Ines Goovaerts Photography


As a present to myself, I made a compilation of my published and featured work bundled into one Nature Calendar 2018. With 'Columbia Icefield Icevace', National Geographic published picture set as front page.

If anybody would be interested in having to watch my pics every single day, for 365 days, you just have to click the 'I would love one"- button. 

Available in two languages: Dutch or English.

Each month is provided with the settings I used to realise the picture, in case you would like to try it out yourself!

Good karma included: With every calendar finding a home, €1 will be donated to "The Nature Conservancy" (who featured one of my pictures this year), so we can thank mother nature for providing us with her daily stokedness.

Hope you guys like it. 

TIP: Nice Christmas present material for nature lovers, don't you think?

WOW!! The calender is so awesome I love it! Thank you so much! I will be so proud to show it off here! Way to go.
— Dee T., Canada
Thank you! Can’t wait to have it inspiring me all year long
— Heather M., Australia
Beste aankoop van 2018 al se en tis nog maar 2017.
— Kevin M., Belgium
I just received my calendar! Beautiful! I will enjoy it all year.
— Becky C., USA
Its the first thing I see when I wake up and walk out of my bedroom. It’s gonna help me stay focused on my goals for the year. Also I checked out a bunch of calendars last night at a stand in the mall and was just like “I have a better one”, “this one is ugly compared to Ines’s”. I left that stand with a smugness about myself and my superior calendar.
— Erik S., Canada
Het is prachtig, geen woorden voor.
— Simon S., Belgium
Calendar arrived today we all absolutely Love Love Love it thank you so much.
— Shane K., Australia
It’s amazing how you have the visual talent to marry creative imaginary with the world around us while using simplistic props and time delayed photography that allows us to be transplanted to another world (if you will) for a mental time of relaxation and tranquility.
— D. K., U.S.A