I’m walking through an unknown landscape. Not knowing what secrets nature will reveal around the corner. My heart is racing. I love it. It’s the peak of adrenaline slipping through my veins. The unknown is attracting me. The outdoors is feeding my soul. That’s why I travel. I travel to feel the adrenaline rush kicking in, stepping outside my comfort zone. Because the biggest risk in life, is not taking one at all.
— Ines Goovaerts

Think positive and the positive will come to you.


My name is Ines Goovaerts, I am 27 years old and I am a full-time traveller born in Belgium. Reading the quote "The biggest risk in life, is not taking one at all", changed my life for ever. That's why, after finishing my Masters degree in Communication Sciences, I gave up my secure existence to take the road less travelled. I’ve been wandering ever since all over this planet for the past 4 years. I would say I have an eternal urge to see and explore new places. You could call it an addiction, but I rather call it a lifestyle. The globe is my habitat, nature is my fuel and my camera is my partner in crime. Taking pictures along my journey, sharing them on Facebook and Instagram has been a common thread through the past 3 years now. I’ve grown a passion for photography since travelling Canada and Alaska, where my pictures got picked up by local newspapers, magazines and even National Geographic. People call me a very open minded, social and communicative kind of person who would always see the good side of situations no mather what. And with those goggles of positivity on my face, life is treating me very well.

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Find a job that makes you happy and you will never work one day in your entire life
— Mark Twain

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I finance my travels by applying for working-holiday visa’s abroad. I still remember this one moment very well when I passed a note on the refrigerator saying “Find a job that will make you happy, and you will never work one day in your life”. That one I cherish ever since. I’ve been working on cattle stations in the Outback of Australia mustering cows on a horse, been planting and picking fruit like a real broke backpacker, I became horsebackriding tourguide in the Australian rainforest (yes, they have rainforrests), went volunteering rebuilding houses and schools in Nepal after the devestating earthquake of 2015, worked as a doghandler in the Yukon, Canada, for one of the most famous female dogmushers in the world, I became Northern Light tourguide in winterseason next to the Alaskan border, etc…

And not one single time it felt like I’ve been working.


My Camera is my partner in crime


My passion for photography started growing when I crossed the Canadian border in March 2016. I always loved taking pictures with my Canon 500D, which my parents gave me as a 18th birthday present. But this time it felt different. This time my heart skipped a beat every time I took a shot. The seed was planted long long time ago, but Canada’s Outdoor beauty was the water it needed for it to start growing.

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Sending hugs and good vibes your way.                                         

Love, Ines.